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My son turns 16 today. He's an incredible, loving, compassionate, thoughtful presence in the life of everyone he knows. He's named after my Dad. Their similarities are striking. Both have a gentle yet strong demeanor that exudes confidence. Both are people I look up to, people I want to be more like, and people who simply seem make the world around them a better place.

This small business venture I'm undertaking is greatly influenced by the values my father taught me, and the promise for the future my son represents. If I learned one thing from my Dad, it is what it takes to be an amazing father; be present, be exemplary, be a guiding force. Be stern, but be fair. Be a voice, but listen. Be the rock when there is sand all around. Be the joy when sadness comes.

Be more than a provider, be the provision. Don't just give what is necessary, be the necessity. Above all else, teach love.

I hope I can be everything to my son that my dad was to me. I miss you Dad. Happy Birthday, my son.

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