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Rexorth Presents A4FO Hydraualic Pump

Delivers high efficiency

Rexroth A4FO Hydraulic Pump, with a high efficiency of up to 95%, is a reliable and powerful pump which can be used with all hydraulic machines.

The Rexroth A4FO Hydraulic Pump features a high efficiency of up to 95%, which means that it uses less energy. In addition, it has a low noise level and offers smooth operation. The Rexroth A4FO Hydraulic Pump offers long service life and is easy to maintain.

This hydraulic pump is suitable for all types of hydraulic systems, including those in construction machines, agricultural machinery, mining equipment and more. The Rexroth A4FO Hydraulic Pump has a compact design which makes it highly portable.

Rated for up to 300 bar

The A4FO Hydraulic Oil Pump is a high efficiency, compact, lightweight and low noise design. It is built for use in extreme conditions such as racing and rally cars. The A4FO will withstand continuous operation under the most demanding conditions. It is ideal for use in high performance vehicles where reliability is essential. The A4FO has been tested and proven in motorsport applications including WTCC, WRC, GT1, GT2, V8 Supercars and touring cars.

Rated for up to 300 bar (4300 psi), the A4FO has a pressure relief valve that opens at 250 bar (3600 psi) to prevent over-pressurization of the hydraulic circuit. The pressure relief valve can be set to open at any pressure between less than 100 bar (1400 psi) and 250 bar (3600 psi).

The A4F0 features a stainless steel body with double O-ring seals to resist leakage even when subjected to high pressures in excess of 300 bar (4300 psi). The pump body is made from aluminium alloy which helps reduce the weight of the system by up to 50% over conventional piston pumps.

Resistant to failure

Rexroth A4FO Hydraulic Pump is a high quality, durable and long lasting product. The main structure of Rexroth A4FO Hydraulic Pump consists of an oil pump, a hydraulic motor and a centrifugal pump. The Rexroth A4FO Hydraulic Pump is equipped with a heavy duty bearing which can bear high pressure up to 3500 psi, making it suitable for high pressure pumps. The Rexroth A4FO Hydraulic Pump has a compact design and its compactness makes it easy to install in the machine.

The Rexroth A4FO Hydraulic Pump is resistant to failure because it has an internal cooling fan that helps in keeping the temperature of the hydraulic motor low. It also has an automatic overload protection which prevents the hydraulic motor from getting damaged due to overloads during use. The Rexroth A4FO Hydraulic Pump has low noise levels which make it suitable for industrial use in places where noise pollution is not allowed or tolerated by people or organizations operating in these places.


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